14-Oct-07 Vegetarian's Week Event

I smell something burning in my CPU, so this will be a very quick update with a very few posts before I crack open my CPU and brings it to the technician.

Dead tired as usual due to the excessive customers in our pharmacy.

I had to enter the central area as I've an important errand to run.

It was a good timing, as I met with the event caravan.
Maybe some of you had seen these on TV, but here's some pictures of them.

(The near the central area.)

(Wait a minute, I see some caravan coming..)

These guys were playing music and rythm for...

The 2 young men to somehow cut their tounge with their blade.

The 2 young men then presented flags with their tounge's blood to the travellers.

Close up shot.

I apologize if there's all pictures this time, it seems that something is wrong with my CPU and I feel the need to bring it to the technician by tomorrow to prevent bigger problem.

I wont be updating my blog for several days, the faster the better.

Wish everyone the best and keep in touch!



MikeM said…
hey seizhin, how come i never see u post ur pics wan leh??? i might b goin hatyai early next year... gathering mayb???
Seizhin said…
Not ready to face the camera yet.
I still look like a geek without set up.

Haha, joking, I'll publish one soon!

But anyways, sure, if it's early next year I'm pretty sure we can held a gathering, so decide the date and time!

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