07-Oct-09 Suspicious Bag ?

Upon the effort of promoting Had Yai's tourism, tomorrow is the "Vegetarian Week" for all Vegetarian.

And in order to allow things to go smoothly, Mayor, and several minister came to Had Yai for an important discussion.

Yesterday, I was invited to take a picture of the site when the designing of the hall was on the way.

I was going to post the pics I get yesterday but......

The meeting's schedule was at 2pm.
An unexpected event happened, at 1pm, when police are in their position to greet our Ministers, we found a suspicious bag in the parking lot.
What really was unfortunate was, the BAG is very very near in my pharmacy!

Thus within a few, polices and bomb experts arrived, and in about 10minutes, water preassure was applied to the bag..

(We heard a very loud sound.... I thought it was a bomb, but as I was unable to leave my post, I cant take a picture of the progress.)

It appeared that the thing was just a traveller's bag, which contains daily clothing and wallets.
It's said that the owner left for lunch and people who found it somehow thought that the terrorists left the bag there.

To travellers :

Had Yai's pretty safe, if you ever heard of news in your newspapers about 22 bombs found in Had Yai, it's fake.. We're ruled by Military Government, and everyone knows that the military are working to their best by withdrawing over 200,000,000+ baht every 3 months from the National Bank for their subordinate's equipment.

Funny thing is, there has been complains from the Privates that they never recieved proper equipments..

I wonder where our money went.



MikeM said…
i can assure you peeps, hadyai is an extremely SAFE city... i had been there for a few times... this coming raya, my parents goin up again... too bad i cant follow them, if not will meet up wif ya... hopefully one day can catch up wif u ya...
Horny Ang Moh said…
Hallo! Lucky 4 u not a bomb! Have a nice day!
Seizhin said…
Michael : Thanks Michael, I'm glad a famous traveller knows how safe Had Yai is.

Yes of course, I would sure like to meet up with you. When the time come, let's hope I'm not shy with the camera anymore hehe.

Horny : Yes yes, so pray for me as well!

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