07-Oct-07 Had Yai's New Meeting Hall

I was allowed to take a picture of the hall a day before the hall was officially opened.

Sad news is, due to the unordinary tight security, a suspicious bag is mistaken for a bomb.

From what I heard today, just 5 hours earlier :

A Malaysian Newspaper took a picture of the bag and the polices in the area (which is in the car parking area, just beside my pharmacy) during the time, and 'lied' by saying that the bag contains 'bombs.' There's no bombs at all and the news was overeggerated!

Too tired after a lecture especially when the lecturers mumbles about whatever financial terms that I never understands or heard before in my life. Plus he talks too fast for me to write down whatever advise he gave.

This was the new Southern Region's Meeting Hall, from now on, all Ministers and official meetings will be held here.

(This hall is in the middle of a market..)

(I was actually surprise, I saw a high class hall in the middle of somehow 'low' class area.)

(The aircon's cold, the light's new, the floor mat's clean.)

(I wont ask for more if my pharmacy is installed with this kind of aircon.)

(Complete with a high technology services, you definately can watch a stage show here.)

(Just the mess the designer made. They're done and is preparing to clean the area.)

The Had Yai Plaza, although considered an area for all kind of "cheap" stuff, the downside of the area is the 'low' quality of life.



MikeM said…
again... i stress that hadyai is a super safe city... if possible, i wanna migrate there... any job for me seizhin???

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