07-Oct-27 Blogsphere again ?

It’s been more than a week without computer.
It's been boring but Wii was quite enough to keep me occupied.

I'm probably back into the addicting blogsphere if nothing goes wrong with my computer anymore. Hopefully.

The journey to claim my computer back is.. very foggy though.
It's rare for Had Yai to be covered in fog.

It really feels wierd coming home one day lacking of a daily routine.
Since I get my CPU back, I guess things will go normal again.

An example of my desk whenever my CPU's working:

The power supply's fan that stops working all of sudden, yet the techinician said nothing's wrong with it. Lucky the trainee said the fan stop working sometimes and you have to manually turn it on unless you dont want the CPU to get burned.

As we need to use the comp 24 hours, so it's neccessary to.... maybe change the power supply tomorrow, for safety.

Anyways, in one of my 300 mails lies this picture.
I found them quite entertaining even though I'm not a sumo fan.

Cheers guys.


Miss Gill said…
hey! those sumo shots are used for advertising the Brand Equity magazine in Bangsar. publisher's wife runs her own magazine which i used to write for. lol. coincidences eh?
Seizhin said…
Wow, what a coincidence!!

I recieved mails from friends if there's anything interesting going on but 60% of the time there's no details except pictures.

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