07-Oct-13 Tourists Entered !

Thanks to Mikey's blessing, today the tourists from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore werent afraid to come and visit Had Yai anymore.

Upside :

- Without doubt good for my taw keh.
- You get to see the 'market' crowded again.
- You get the chance to see good mannered tourists.
- You get the chance to see leng chais and leng luis.
- You get the chance to meet your childhood friends.

Downside :

- Too tiring.
- Stress.
- You met people who begs you for free stuff.
- You met people who pesters you for a discount.
- Sore throat.
- Imagine walking through baricade of humans to take whatever medicine needed.

Been a year and 1 month ever since I worked from 7am - 5.30pm, so I rarely had time to visit any shopping/food area.
I passed by the central areas today, and the entire area is crowded with tourists.

Maybe I should take some pics of the area tomorrow, if I still had time.
It feels wierd taking pictures in places where not many people takes them, and I feel insecure about it.

Off topic :

Thailand hardly or almost never imports in TV shows from other countries.
They think TV shows from mainly the US destroy their good culture. However, little did they realize that all of Thailand TV dramas are nearly all about prostitution, women stealing another woman's boyfriend and jealousy dramas.

This is actually a good stress relieve.. watching Thailand dramas actually gave me more stress either because the guys are acting like girls or they're giving Thai girls bad images.



MikeM said…
thx seizhin for the credits... im just tellin the truth... :)

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