Thailand's version of "Virginia Tech Killing" ?

3 days ago, a 20+ teen was killed by police after injuring 4 people and killing 4 others with his "Laser-equipped AK-47".

At first, the police said :

"This guy seems to be unable to control his emotions. Security guard found his bag suspicious so they inspected him. This guy resisted and stabbed one of the guards with a knife. This guy reveals his "Laser-Pointed AK-47" and starts shooting at us when we arrived.

The reason why he's able to shoot accurately is due to the laser pointer, which enables him to calculate and aim accurately.

It a pure luck, this guy might have rampaged in the market and shot everyone if the guards couldnt found his weapons."

He still has other dangerous weapons in his rooms as well, which includes, Katana, Shurikens, Spears and others.

2 days later :

The police had assumed that the guy was actually a bodyguard for an underground car-stealing organization and that he was guarding 2 other members from getting caught.
The evidence that proof's this was the "car-stealing" equipments that he has.

Okay, so what's the truth ?


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