"High Season" Bombed Today

Thailand goverment's banning a lot of websites, including youtube.com and cbox.ws
Why cbox when I need it ? *Is getting pissed*

At 2pm, I recieved news saying that Had Yai's "High Season" Motel was bombed.

High Season, which is located in Had Yai's Major Office district recieved major damage after a guy throws a bomb right into the Motel.

I didnt have time to follow the news as I was working, thus I'm unclear about the casualties rate.
The news about Had Yai bombing seems to be kept secret by the police and goverment, so unless you're a local citizen here, you wont know what's happening.

I cant help but think how Had Yai will be in several months from now.
I'm just curious why the goverment has no capabilities to do any real security method.

If the military CAN withdraw 100million baht every 3-4 months, why cant they even provide the Privates with Kevlar Armors for protections ?


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