Had Yai Terror Attack !

I was on General when my boss told me that Had Yai was bombed.
Approximately 9.20pm. There was electrician in the house so I couldnt go out to look for the casualties.

There was a total of 7 Bombs.

According to local news (Which is totally independent), there was 6 bombs in trash cans in 5 different areas, 1 "Demolition Byke" and a bomb was thrown into the famous "JB Hotel" 's lobby.

Another area that was bombed was Tesco Lotus, due to the strict security in Lotus, the bomb was planted outside, at the bus stop in front of Lotus. My brother heard of the explosion as he was still on work during the incident.

Although the bombing had occured in 7 different areas, it is wierd why they doesnt aim at the "heart" of the city. Police assumed that the bombing was probably caused to instir chaos.

Earlier, when I was departing for work, the sight of tourist carrying their bags and clothes can be seen everywhere, which I assume that they are going back to their hometown.
Had Yai had started to recover from the previous bombing near Ordean.

I guess Had Yai-rian will need to suffer for another 6 months due to the lost of tourism in Had Yai.
Personally, I really feel like being in Iraq, except there's no daily bombing, but the terror is still there. Who knows when I can be a goner.


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