The End for "Thai Rak Thai"

Some company had set up a survey or something regarding the safest country in the World between 126 countries :

1st was Norway, and there was Japan, Australia and Switzerland in the top 10.
Iraq was the 126th or the last, and Thailand was 105 (or 115).
Iran (Which as 9 USA Cruisers Holding Grounds outside their sea) and Venezuella (Which has over 10,000 people mob in their capital) are considered to be "safer" than Thailand.

After a total of 5 hours 32 minutes of sitting in the court (and falling asleep) .
The verdict was announced at 11.50pm regarding "Thai Rak Thai" 's and the authorities inside.

I was asleep at around 9pm till 11pm and when I woke up, the judge was still reading out 54 page regarding the case.

The verdict was announced at 11.50pm, that :

- Thai Rak Thai hired "smaller" political parties to aid them in winning election in some area.
- Thai Rak Thai ex Leader, Thaksin Shinnawat, sold Shin coorperation without paying the tax and without consideration for the country.
- Thai Rak Thai ex Leader, Thaksin Shinnawat, gave polices full authority to kill everyone that has anything to do with drugs (or even suspected to have anything to do with drugs).
- Thai Rak Thai ex Leader, Thaksin Shinnawant, abused his authorities of being Prime Minister and replacing senior military officers with officers from his "side" .
- Thai Rak Thai ex Leader, Thaksin Shinnawant, never listens to opposing opinion. Furthermore, he uprises people from Chiang Mai to oppose the Sondik Limthongkun to mob Bangkok.
- More and more, cant remember all.

As a result :
- All 157 leaders of Thai Rak Thai has been banned from political involvement for 5 years.
- "Thai Rak Thai" Politic Party must be disbanded.

Personal opinion :
Pretty sad, if it's either all or nothing. I was really disappointed at the verdict. Prakjadipat was announced to have abused the law, but they didnt get their party disbanded.
I dont think disbanded Thai Rak Thai will solve any problem in Thailand. Prakjadipat are still alive, and probably, they will become the next nightmare in Thailand as how it's always been.

Big politic party = Gangster of politics.

I really dont care what happens to political parties, but as long as those Tax-Eating-Man-in-Black solve what's going on in Southern Region, everything's alright.


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