Thailand "Huge" Politic Day

Today was a huge day for politic fans.
Thailand's 2 biggest Political Party, "Prakjadipat" and "Thai Rak Thai" will recieve their verdicts after getting accussed by their opposition parties.

Prakjadipat and 1 more political parties :
- Accused of hiring "small" political parties to accuse "Thai Rak Thai" of illegal election action.
- Accused of destroying the independence state by creating mob and joining with Sondik Limthongkun in their mob to force Thaksin to get out of the country.
- Accused of illegally stopping several "Thai Rak Thai" politician in Songkhla from registering in the election on September 2006.
- More and more (Up to 8) , but I think these 3 is enough to get Prakjadipat broken and judged together with their leaders.

Thai Rak Thai and 3 more political parties :
- Accused of hiring "small" political parties to participate in the areas that "Thai Rak Thai" are bound to get lesser than 20% of total voices.
- Accused of using "power" illegally to seize all influence and authorities in the Kingdom.
- Accused of betraying the country by selling "Shin Coorporation".
- Accused of allowing illegal killing to completely set Thailand free from "drugs".
- More and more, but these are more than enough to get Thai Rak Thai broken and judged together with their leaders.

The investigation started right after the Military perfomed the Coup. And today was the day these political parties are supposed to get their verdict.

Started at 2pm, and the schedule was something like this :

Pradjadipat :
- 2.40pm = Conclusion
- 15 min rest.

Thai Rak Thai :
- 3.40pm = Conclusion

Mostly everyone was hearing about the news (Mainly because all local channels are forced to broadcast this "live") and I was one of them.
It's pretty interested in my personal opinion, all these politicians (Thai Rak Thai and Prakjadipat) should all be restricted from political participation for at least 5 years.

We have these problems in the South Border yet these politicians still have (censored) time to cause more problem in the capital.

Well, I was just back from my music class earlier and my Mom said that Prakjadipat survived the wave, and is declared as Innocent.

To my disappointment, we all know that the Judge comes from the Military's choice and the Military was never with the Thai Rak Thai.
All I wish is for both politic parties and members to be gone from Thailand's politic forever.

Now that Prakjadipat survived, all I can think of is that Thai Rak Thai will be declared guilty, thus allowing Prakjadipat to be the largest, and possibly the biggest political party for another 4 years, second would be Jaat Thai, followed with Mahajon. This, of course, will only happen if Thai Rak Thai's Leader was not allowed to involve in politics for 5 years.


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