First Day of Music Class

Music :

I wasnt too interested in music when I was 8. During the time, I was still studying in a school that gives proper and serious music lessons but since we was on Electric Piano, it focuses on theory. Obviously I lost interest in it, not sure if that's the main reason or not.

After 4-5 years passed, I wanted to have a serious music lesson, but the new school that I was in arent really focusing on musics. Furthermore, the teacher only focuses on "advanced" students who knows basics of music, so people like us, who doesnt have a clue about notes, and theories, are left behind with the "redorder" lessons.

About 3-4 months ago, I discovered a famous music school, but the costs was too high. Aproximately 33% of my income for the first month and 25% after that. It was a music school led by Yamaha. The school is "nice", very much like those expensive music schools outthere, with air-conditions and stuff.
Sadly, you only get 1 hour lesson per week which I think is too little for the expensive fee.

Hesitated to make up my mind for about 3 months before my Mom discovered that a nearby college has music lesson as well. I once took their computer course and it's quite alright, and the fee's very cheap. (Imagine, 10 cents per hour ? )
Yes, 10 cents per hour. I myself was also surprised, and so I decided to test the course out.

The course takes 3 months to complete, Monday to Friday everyday, 150 hours total for this 3 months courses.
The fee was : (10 cents * 150 hours + $1 registration fee)

Some of you will instantly laugh about the fee and that also raises my doubt about the quality. However, today was my first day in it and all I can say is "Awesome" !!
The instructor's quite skilled and he seems to excel in guitar.
We get to learn notes and theory before going on practical one.

Pretty tiring though, For another 3 months, my day would be :
Wake up at 6.30am > Work till 5pm-6pm > Must reach music class at 5.30pm > Done at 8pm.

I've lost most of my time being lazy, so I guess it's time I get my hands full again I guess.

I wonder how my sisters are, hasnt heard from you girls for about 2 weeks eh, kinda worried. Send me a mail or something if you girls are free ^^


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