Virginia Tech Shooting

Warning, today's content require common sense and is just a personal thought.
All are under my copyright but there's no need for license if you wanna distribute the thought.

Yes, we have heard of the famous event that happened 3 days ago.

I wont repeat what news channel has reported though.

I think everyone has the same problem, except the problem is whether we can control them or not. Personally, I have the same problem and I'm aware of it.

I hate detest people who destroys nature, and ultimately, maybe even the entire humanity. (Except several people whom I love)

Humans, why do you burn the forest without consideration ?
You might not need them, but the forest are home to most animals and plants.

Humans, why do you waste your foods ?
Let it be plants, or animals, they have their life. Please dont waste their lifes.

Humans, why do you harm others for your own satisfaction ?
Murderer and rapist... Nuff' said.

Humans, why do you not share your strength to help others ?
Some people, took a plane to another country just for a meal. While others, suffers because they have nothing to eat. Rich people's meal might equal to the poor's 30 meals.
I can never understand why people who has $100,000,000+ cant personally go around and help people who are in need, even for a bit. If everyone do that, the world would improve to another level.

There are many more that I wanna to 'rant' lol, but I'll end it here.

We all have things that we are troubled with, but for me, I always have hope for myself, I be "someone" instead of "nothing".


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