It's the one time of the year~


Usually, I wont look forward to this day of the year.
I wont mention what day it is, however it has meaning for me.

Ever since I was 10, I dont think we had anymore celebrations. It sucks actually. Although I do want to have a celebration every year but hm..... No one to celebrate, and it felt empty sometime. No idea why myself.

Mom said we're supposed to be well today so at least I wont be sick for the whole year, and some similar things like that. Trying my best not to, but my leg and arm hurts, while I still look pale as usual. And what's worse, I'm overweight ! It's alright if I am like, overweight to make myself looks better, but although no one realizes it yet, my stomach's getting bigger !
Maybe because I ate too late at night, and I didnt have enough exercise, work's just too tiring.

Who would have thought working in pharmacy is tiring. Everyone saw us pharmacist sitting all the time and just sets up drugs for our patients, but...... in reality, it's a lot tiring that how it looked.

We have to :
- Check stocks every now and then.
- Carry those 5-30 kg packed drugs.
- Treat our customer who'll sometime cursed us because we cannot reduce drug's price anymore.
- More, more, more..

Anyways, although it's My Day, I feel that it's still empty without my sisters beside me~

Doesnt matter, all I hope is for my families and everyone to be well always.

I hope I can be wiser and so I can celebrate this with my sisters next year~

Lift up the spirit~ Work harder~ May I gain more prosperities and good luck~


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