Thailand Water Festival~

Tomorrow is Thailand's Water Festival.

People will be splashing waters randomly everywhere. Personally, I've never played it ever since I lived in Thailand. The years before was due my"problems" and I was unable to participates in it.
Second, is due to the fact that I dont wanan get wet lol.

Even now, a day before the real festival, people had started splashing waters at each other, I had to take "empty" route in order to safely reach my house.

I admit the sight of it is fun, but unless you're prepared, it wont be as fun as it seem.

While the preparations are being made, foreigners (Mostly Indonesians, Malaysians and Singaporean) have equipped themself with a heavy water "gun" to survive in the cruel, watery war city of Had Yai.

I'll be seeing a lot of "Hum-vees" loaded with an squad of "wet" hungry people, seeking to steal your "dry" body from you. Yes, these happens every year. Do not fear~ There would be people dropping Shampoos on you, and some will even mess your hairs !!
While others tends to "molest" your body with powders.

(Uhh, yeah.. that's what I've seen and heard, pretty dangerous for women)

My bro had to buy a new handphone because of this, so I dont really wanna get into those kind of problem.


Seriously, you dont want your wallet to get wet =P


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