The 2 way

Once we reach certain point, there's always splitted path for us to choose.

Let's take this for an example,

In here, after you've passed certain degree, such as Lower secondary or upper secondary, you can choose to stop studying and work.
Many, choose to work instead of getting a higher qualification and obviously, most comes from the middle to lower class.

I had a long debate with my boss regarding the matter.
My boss, who stopped Bachelor's degree, somehow regretted the decision that he made. While he was in the college, he just wished for it to end fast so he could work (He comes from the upper middle class) as he's bored with studying.
So far, my boss's 30+ and is married and blessed with a cute baby boy xD but he just wished that he could re-study to get to the Master's degree.

Personally, I knows how important it is to get those qualifications for my future work. I'll need it, but I cant just sit and focus on study.
My boss stressed on the importance of doing 1 thing at a time.

If you study, you should focus on it and nothing else. You will do the best result for it.
But if you want to work, then you should work, so you can get the best result for your work.

I know that he's concerned and wants me to get to the highest degree as possible, however..

I just believe that I cant sit and focus on study all day, nor can I work without studying.
For the rest of the day, I was quite confused of what to do..

Qualification is important for the long run, 20 years ago, you wont need a piece of paper to work in a big company, but now, graduating from lower secondary will just get you kicked out of the company you are trying to work with..


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