Dream ne ?

It's been more than half a year ever since I worked as a pharmacist.
6 Months is a very long time for me..
25 weeks = 180 days = 4320 hours = 259,200 minutes = 15,552,000 seconds !!

Many things has change, but many still stays the same.
I'm still the old procrastinator (I hate it -_-) . Many of my plans, hasnt been done yet, and I'm like, slowly forgetting them one by one.

There's this question that has been troubling me and it appears the same to my friend when I asked him the same question.

"What is your dream ?"

I've asked myself for years, what is my dream job ?
I do admit I imagined of being a singer, artist, detective, photographer (blah blah blah) but I've yet to know what I really like. It's like, making me feel how aimless I am.
I wanna see my sis, but is that where my dream ends ?

Just to make myself feel better, I just told myself "I'll find out the answer soon."


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