09 March 09 - Work & Daily Life

It's been getting busier.. I'm preparing for for the relocation on September.
It troubles me to no end, but my heart just cant stop making me feel uneasy.

Been in the present pharmacy for years, from 7.30am till 5pm (or more), almost everyday, or you can call it everyday. There's a feeling that wants to run away, I wanna fly out of the place, to seek for salvation.

When the clouds are gloomy, the whole city is dark, only a pair of wing could lift me high enough to run out from the ruins, left by the elders.

Upon reaching home, there are things that I must see. It's Evolution Capital (E)'s annual record of 08 is out. I'm not an expert in financial records, but I just had to read it.

Another 2 hours is gone.. Minus the time I spent while doing something else.

Not forgetting the little flower there is in my bag.

I love the smell of a rose, the scent really does rejuvenates you. Too bad it'll wither soon, similar to that of our life.

Haha why am I writing this in poetry? Anyways do enjoy guys. Fight on!


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