09 Mar 09 - Lab Coats


Chinese Grade 2 Students Had To Finish this test in 2 minutes!
What about you? Think you can do it?

Frog Leap Test <--- Click on the Link


Side Note:
I'm no fan of T-Virus or those G-Virus, but it's one of the few games that I plays.. Had been on this for 3 days so far, an hour or two per day.. Figures why I once stopped playing games, especially the one on the Playstation 3..

Resident Evil 5 had really consumed much of my time.

Not to mention how much work I have to do.


Had been wearing these for quite a few years already... Both in class and in work.

It does look nice, and 'cool' at first, but soon enough, with the hot weather plus all the work, white coats are always vulnerable to dirt.. It's a problem to wash them out, and sometimes, you just cant wash them out.

Well I guess nothing can be said, coats are there to be worn, and thrown off.. It's just quite a waste sometime. Didnt I mention the amount of gloves that we disposed all these years as well?


Anonymous said…
So can I start calling you a Lab Rat? :D

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