09 Mar 16 - Resident Evil 5 Soundtrack

I finished the game last night, thanks to Phloy, Nad and my bro who helped me to clear the game.
Special thanks to Phloy who sacrifices to her time and even stayed in my room all night yesterday to figure out how to kill Uroboros Wesker. (And ended up having to stay in our house)

Now we're planning to order the Biohazard 5 Original Soundtrack from Yes-asia but we first hope to hear the preview of the OST album.

A few that made us feel like getting it would include:
- Wesker Battle "Wind of Madness"
- Final Wesker " Deep Ambition"
- Theme "Pray"

Anyways, I'd do some cover up in a few days "if" I have some extra time.

Back to work, cheers!


Anonymous said…
Hey Seizhin, I was looking to get in contact with you about the plane crash in thailand in september 16th 07. You have a blog on there and it mentions that you have more photographs. I know there holible but I was on it and would like to see the others. could you email me back please at ccooley72@gmail.com
Thanks, Chris

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