09 Mar 17 - Resident Evil 5 Theme Song (Pray) Oulimata Niang

Capcom went to a personal studio called "Little Box", to compose the Resident Evil 5 theme track "Pray", with Vocalist Oulimata Niang. The Making of Resident Evil 5, RE5 Collector's Edition Bonus Disk(PS3). Copyright 2008-2009 Capcom, Just Cause productions and Sony Computer Entertainment.


It's sang by Oulimata Niang, her voice is... priceless, I closed my eyes while listening to "Pray" and I feel so "free.." it's a bliss.. Recommended!


Here's the Lyric of it:

When dark days came to us,
We found no haven or escape.

All our prayers go unanswered, to take away this fear within.
Our screams shake this tear-stained land.

Our souls have been stripped bare.
Can madness be the only cure?

Even death is no respite from all this pain, our worldly plight.
When will we see heaven's light?

I think of you whenever a bell tolls.
If I tell your tale, will this pain cease?

For I pray for tempest-tossed, lost souls
Eternal sleep is where you find true peace.


Credit goes to Prime Blue of VGM
Thank you!

Instead of ordering for the Biohazard 5 Original Soundtrack from YesAsia, a store in here had them ready to be distributed at a certain fee, we'll get them here instead.
Phloy and me are buying "The Making of Resident Evil 5", though looking for all of the available offers to avoid rip-off, leave comment for us.

PS: We're doing research on some flowers (but had nothing to do with Progenitor Virus or extracting it as a B.O.W.) as well, and it had been going on for a few months. I'll post up updates about our project soon.


Anonymous said…
nice. put ler a link to download the MP3 :p
Seizhin said…
Haha, will do. I just got it a few hours ago. I'll see where I can upload it to, or I'll just upload some of it.
coolcoolbird said…
Hello. I'm your new visitor

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