09 Mar 22 - Project ANJ0903

The Oriental Pharma Co., LTD. had started a project based on the test subject.
The project name is Project ANJ0903 we had a total of 5 participants in the Research.

The location for the research center is the Herbal Research and Development Center, Prince of Songkhla University. (For those who are wondering, the GreenTech Lab is in Pattalung, 3 hours drive from Hat Yai, it's impossible to drive to and fro every 2-3 days for the research.)

I'm not directly in the Research Group, nor am I directly in the Chemistry and Research line, but I had to be on the team, not for direction, but rather to coordinate the team with the Marketeer. (On honest truth, there's almost nothing to coordinate with, the Team is fine on their own with a bunch of talented Scientists!)

It's nice to be in a cold, and cloudy day, but it's a trouble if you need the sunlight..

Freshly plucked from an 18-rai field, it'll take usually another 2-3 days for the flowers to bloom again. We didnt pluck it ourselves though, had a few farmers willing to help us with the process. (1 rai = 1,600 sqm)

I cant reveal anymore details to comply with the Company's Rules and Regulation but stay tuned for any official update on the project!

Cheers and rak naa Phong ja!


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