11-Nov-07 Defiant Malaysian protesters face tear gas

I had a talk with my friend who's in Petaling Jaya, and he showed me this video.
Hmm.. I wouldnt mind if anyone had any informations about this.

Followed with this video.

Having lived in Malaysia, I witnessed that Chinese holds an important role in moving the economy, without the Chinese then it's hard for Malaysian to compete with the world.


Crystalicious said…
Why I live in Petaling Jaya, but i don't know anything? :D
MikeM said…
sad isnt it the political state in malaysia? now u know y i envy u so much in thailand :)
Miss Gill said…
my friend went to watch the demonstration and came back all red eyed from tear gas. just for watching.

i bet lots of them can SUE the government for this crap.

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