07-11-4 Mystery of a Fish Pond

The mystery of a fish pond.

Once upon a day, upon reaching home from work..

Mom told me that there was several murder cases going on in my house.
Several dead fishes floated on the surface of the water, Mom wasnt sure what was wrong though.

One day, we somehow discovered the truth.

While I was busy preparing for work, I noticed a fish floating on the surface our water pond, it's still breathing though, at least, I know that it's still alive.

Fish dont float sideway like that dont they?
So I called Mom and entered the world of internet again.

After a while, Mom told me that this was the culprit.

To summarize what happened, this fish was actually smaller than the one you see now. And this fish seems to have been going around biting and eating 'smaller' fishes. Furthermore, it seems like other fishes cannot eat whatever food given due to what this fish had been doing.

Mom had no choice but to release this fish in a lake nearby.


MikeM said…
pity the small fish..
Seizhin said…
Yeah, there was a lot of smaller fish inside other than those 2 fishes, but I think the big fish ate them all.

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