07-Nov-07 Thai King Leaves Hospital !!

There's been live News about the Thailand Election that will be held in the 23rd December.
Politics, has been quite a problem for the Kingdom lately, it seems that there's more corruptions than sincerity in Thai politics. I would like to say the same in various of countries as well, but let us not talk about it.

What really get gets my interest is the Live News about our King.
Personally, I've never had the chance to see our King, all I heard are the news of him and photograph or even old videos that was replayed back by TV Channels.

Few knows that the King had to undergo treatments from doctors in the Siriraj hospital, and Thai citizens had spent their precious time to camp outside the hospital and prays for the King's safety.

Sometimes ago, Thai government banned youtube.com off Thailand's network.
The reason comes in as 'someone' had offended our King by posting a video of him and describing him as a monkey. Little did I know the details but the ban goes for 2 months. Details here.

I gets instantly mad after reading some of the comments. In the past, if you offend our King, you'll get an instand behead. The same goes for China and other countries. If you dont know our culture and tries to 'I do what I want because this is a free world', you're just another idiot who fails to respect others.

Back to this.

The King leaves the hospital at 11.30, and it was the first time I've ever seen him Live on TV. I dont know what happened, but just by watching The King on TV, my tears somehow flows down non stop, which is, I suppose a miracle for me.

Having lived in at least 3 countries for years and enjoying Japanese cultures, I never considered myself to have a country of origin. I knew some of the deeds he had done in the past, and I do respect King Bhumibol, but never to the point of 'loyalty'.

Reuter News about King Bhumibol.

Rediff News about King Bhumibol.

I just wanted to share this with my readers. I never knew why the King is well respected, but today, I finally knew why Thailand Citizens loves our King, King Bhumibol Adunyadet.

How I wish I am there at the hospital together with countless of Thai citizens!

PS : My friend sent me this song, he mentioned that a group of foreigners made this song for the King, but no other details was inside.

Whoever knows where this song comes from, please tell me!

Thank you for this beautiful song!


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