07-Nov-17 Inspiring Thoughts

I hasnt been blogging for quite a while as I've been busy with my work.
I'm sure we all has plans in our mind everyday.

Whenever we're sitting down resting, trying to destress from work, something will always flash across our mind, and then we'll be "This is a good idea!"

After planning on how to accomplish them, you struggles to get them done, but as nothing is easy. Sometime you end up abandoning them as they seems impossible.

I'm someone who had tons of 'impossible' ideas, and day by day, I would spend hours planning on how to accomplish them. To be honest, it sometime troubles me to have a lot of ideas, as they actually stresses me.

Anyways, here are 7 words that I always remembers.
I'm pretty sure these can help you with nearly everything you do.



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