The Birth of a Cute Panda (2)


*Still sobbing after watching Ouran High School Host Club's ending. *
Recommended for those who want light/humorous anime.

Anyways, yestetday was Malaysian's 50th Merdeka Day, even though I
wasnt a Malaysian, I'll shout "Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka!" for the
country where I grew up.


The continuation of an old post :
The birth of a Cute Panda (1)

As Pandas are nearly 80% the attention of the publics, I've also fallen for them.
Close to extinction as they are, we have to keep them a;ive and pay more attention to the bamboos that we cut !

One reason that I heard from my friend of why Pandas are endangered are because they're too lazy to even have sex they're too innocent to know how to produce baby pandas, thus why they produce nearly no baby pandas every year.
Every time a new Baby Pandas are born in a zoo, they'll be the center of attraction, how nice to be the center of attraction ever since you're born.

After seeing how small baby panda are after their born, it's time to see how they start growing into a little panda.

So here you go :

(A sleeping panda)

(Head view)

(The room sure is air-conditioned.)

(So cute, like a little doll.)

(I can see it's tounge, I wonder what it's dreaming about.)

(Did I see it's eyes?)

(Oh yeah, it's a wake !! Probably looking for something to eat.)

(And so after several hours passed, doctors relocated it to it's new bed. Notice the cute blanket ?)

(I heard little Panda had to be constantly switched to a new bed for a different environment for it to live outside effectively so I guess this proves it.)

On second thought, try imagining that the panda's an adult, and that the bed's huge...

("Mommy, I want this cute panda !!")

I hope there'll be more pandas in this world so I can have one as a pet !

And again these was taken by : LoOkKaEW . Thanks for mailing me your lovely stories when you're free !!


Anonymous said…'s soooo cute!!!

can i have one? can i? can i? :P

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