07-Sep-15 Imagination & Innovation

We all have creation and imagination in our mind. When one imagined, that's one step toward creation (Not talking about possibilities yet.)

I went to my music class, and since the class isnt open yet, I went to the balcony, and these are what I saw.

At first glance, I instantly gets the idea, "HEY, IT'S AN ANGRY BIRD."

Nothing's wrong with me, serious.. But the more I look like it, the more I'm sure that it's an angry bird.

You can see it's beak, eyes, and neck.

As well as it's smoke.

Close up look on our bad mood bird.

Yes, I've no doubt bout my eyes now..

When I look another angle, my eyes starts telling me what they are again.

I've been known to have wide imaginary range, but sometime, I was wondering if I'm starting to go insane..



Anonymous said…
I saw it too. Aaaand, no, you're not crazy.
Anonymous said…
Awesome catch..I looked at those picture about 15 mins.. I don't see a bird but i see an angel except from the last picture...

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