07-Sep-17 Phuket Plane Crash from the 1-2 GO airline

The news of the plane crash was a really huge fuss in the country.

"89 Passenger was killed when the low price airline slid and dived into the earthwall at Phuket Airway. 31 foreigners and 58 others were Thais. Tourists from Australia, Austria, Britain, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Sweden and the Netherland who survived are currently being treated at the local hospitals." - Deputy Transportation Minister Sansern

One-2-GO had urgone several official changes. Chairman of the Airline is said to have replaced several sophisticated Western pilots to Indonesian and Philippine pilots to reduce the expenses fees.

The pilot of the crashed plane had been informed of the bad weather conditions. Shortly after the landing, eyewitness said that the plane broke into 2 and they heard loud explosions.

This is the video of the news released on air for the accident :

I was able to get a list of the passenger from an unknown stream sent by a friend.

Here's the list of passengers of the plane :

Confirmed Victim:
1. Ms Jiranut Suwannarat
2. Mr Theerayuth Manoorakchinakorn
3. Ms Khatha Kanchanasutha
4. Ms Puengboon Ratnadilok na Phuket
5. Mr Jesada Dechakul6. Mrs Siriluk Tuptanee
7. Mr Apichai Trompronpitakkul
8. Mrs Siriphut Jitjamnong
9. Mr Thanavut Saikiaw
10. Mr Sinchai Chaiarun
11. Mr Chawapon Boonmeemeechai
12. Ms Kaninnat Martmuang
13. Ms Busakon Suanjarun
14. Mr Raj Rattanaphon
15. Ms Chanida Pattaraworakul (Staff)
16. Mr Chakart Kulwanich
17. Ms Supalak Shueaiw
18. Ms Mullika Koysin
19. Mr Sanya Phrom-arak
20. Mr Somphot Sungkhaphong
21. Mr Apichai Rueathong
22. Mr.Andreas Werner Adelherdt
23. Mr Ariff (Captain)
24. Mr Montri Kamolrattanachai (Pilot)
25. Ms Kanokkorn Pattanpirom (Staff)
26. Mr Pichaya Wongwandee (Staff)
27. Mr Abdolvacool Pourmer Hossein
28. Mr Manef Jaquos29. Mr Micheal Joseph Falcone
30. Mr Menbi Safaeet abrizi Mohammad
31. Mr Woronoff Stefanmark
32. Mr Mullery Brian Gordon
33. Mr Philippe Brigeard
34. Mr Pourmehr Mahmoud

Injured passengers
1. Mr Alexius Boerkamp
2. Mr Robert Borland
3. Mr Parinyawith Choosang
4. Mr Chirstopher Cooley
5. Mrs Sawitree Denny
6. Mr Christoph Falchetti
7. Mrs Mahsa Fatoorehchi
8. Ms Isabella Freylikhman
9. Mr Vladimir Freylikhman
10. Mr Achley Scott Harrow
11. Ms Madia Hashemi
12. Mr Parviz Hashemi
13. Mr Peter Hill
14. Mrs Sara Izandinejadmonfared
15. Chawit Jitjamnong
16. Chaowalet Jitjamnong
17. Mrs Ladda Khawnoun
18. Mr Nong Khawnoun
19. Ms Mehrana Movahed
20. Mr Abbas Movahed
21. Ms Pratin Lianjumroon
22. Mr Thibaud Lamere
23. Mr Likhit Liengphansakul
24. Mr Chainarong Maharae
25. Mr Porrawit Mahasup
26. Mr Christopher Sven Marken
27. Apichart Pata
28. Ms Mayum Mirtaheri
29. Mr Erik Nihler
30. Mr John O'Donnell
31. Mr Paiboon Phaphan
32. Ms Claudia Rothmann
33. Mr Clemens Rothmann
34. Mr Witchupol Singhapol
35. Mr Chatree Suksawas
36. Ms Orasin Seebunruang
37. Mr Claus Benjamin Voigtmann
38. Ms Sarah Marie Whittington

For informations :

Bangkok Phuket Hospital
Telephone: 66(0) 76 254425 Hotline (1719)

Vachira Phuket Hospital
Telephone: 66(0)76 361234

Phuket International Hospital
Telephone: 076-249400

Thalang Hospital
Telephone: 076-311033-4, 076-311453

Phuket Airport

One-To-Go hotline Number 1126

I sinecerely apologize if anyone you know are in the list.


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