07-Sep-22 A toilet ?

Have you ever attended a seminar and had the need to use the toilet?

I had to attend a seminar earlier, and the need to use the toilet is there.
The seminar hall is clean, however...

To my surprise :

Looks more like a death pit to me.

Looks old..... but luckily, there wasnt any bad smells.

I heard sound of water running so I went to investigate..

The water keeps running as the handler's broken, there's no way to stop it.

Upon checking the condition of the room.....

This led to an instant, "NO! I cant use these toilet."

Seriously, someone held a seminar, you shouldnt only worry about the hall, but everything related must be cleaned as well.

I just ended up taking early leave to use the toilet in my house.



Crystalicious said…
Wow, that's terrible toilet!
Anonymous said…
oh gosh...disgusting. where is this toilet?
Seizhin said…
It's the toilet in my music class.

A seminar was held there, but in a different building.

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