09 Sep 18 - Cambodia Thailand Border Conflict

The world is aware of the Conflict between the Thai-Cambodian border.

Ever since 3 years ago, the Cambodian had been trying to 'seize' our Khao Phra Wihan National Park which is located at the Thai-Cambodian border.

The Park itself, is owned by the Cambodian, but the entrance leading up to the Temple is in Thailand. The recent years had it that these Cambodian had been 'invading' the entrance leading up to the National Park to vend around the area.

Now after they had been vending at the entrance for years, they had been claim the entrance to the National park is under their territory.

Cambodia's leader, Hussein had been spreading fake propaganda in order to stir an uproar.

The Cambodian themselves had been 'illegally' planting Land Mines around the area, killing and injuring a few groups of the Thai Soldiers. The Thai government had reported the case to the Global Militant Court of how the Cambodia had neglected the Asian agreement to stop using Land Mines (ever since the Vietnam War) but I heard no further news of the subject.

Up till now, Hussein had position 5000 more men around the National Park, and they seems ready for war.

The Thais themselves, although facing political disorder, had the men ready to retaliate in case the Cambodian decided to invade Thailand again.

There had been a few 'truce' negotiations after the Cambodia had opened fire to the Thais, killing a few soldiers in the process. The Thais themselves retaliated, injuring and taking down a few of Cambodian's soldiers.

I dont think Hussein is sincere to call a truce and manage the National Park together.

According to the orthodox International Map, the Entrance to the Khao Phra Wihan National Park is in Thailand, but the Temple itself is in Cambodia's territory. All I hope for is for Hussein to stop 'invading' Thailand's territory and spreading fake propaganda.


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