09 Sep 13 - A 3 Legged Cat

This is continuation of my post on "09 Sep 09 - from Flesh to Bone"

So to say, we admitted the cat into an Animal Hospital regarding it's condition.

The Doctor insist we 'cut' it's left foot as it had rotted, and chances for recovery are slim.
The cut would go right up to it's cartilage.

Ah, as much as I hate to say this, but the Vet insisted it for a better chance..

Another thing that we're surprised of is... The cat itself is pregnant.

We left it to the Doctor and left it under his care for a few days, and we were informed that the cat had given birth to 3 kitties.. Which, in turn, died due to the inadequate care and early birth. (It was said to have been born around 4am, where the Nurse werent on duty.)

So now what?
The cat lost it's leg, it's kitties, and we'll still need to wound dress it everyday.

Luckily, sometimes ago, someone who's familiar with cats decided to help us out and took it into her care...

It's nice.. but, we never heard of it since then.

Hope the best for it.


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