09 Sep 08 - Scout Chopper Set an Emergency Landing in Hat Yai

This happened a few days ago.

A Scout Helicopter Unit which was specifically assigned to scan any 'bombing' in Hat Yai, received a terrible remark from their superior for not being able to land properly after an early warning that the Helicopter's suffering from a major mechanical deficiency.

The same Helicopter had been on patrol for months, after receiving warning that Hat Yai are under 'attack' by the terrorists group.

I saw the same Helicopter on my way for work, and I usually spot the same copter during my stay at 'The Haven', it was at noon everyday.

According to source, the Helicopter is a newly bought by the militant, and the cost is of course.. very expensive. The repair cost itself is estimated to be around 350,000 baht.

So, good thing to hear, the pilots and 2 other officers were uninjured, but will probably suffer from the militant's law.

If you're in Hat Yai, you probably can still see the Helicopter pass Big C.



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