09 Aug 20 - Rare Animals in The World

What ever you say, if you have time to be surfing in the internet, I'm sure you'll be seeing many more humans than animals.

However, there are times when we wish to be one with nature again.

I'll list a few interesting animals that I wanna take a closer look of.

The Tamarin Monkeys are named after Emperor Tamarin.

They're easily identified from their unique moustache. So this is where Mr. Pringles got his mustache style from!

The Kodomo, I mean Komodo Lizards in Indonesia

I put this at the top of the list as I've one or two little things to do in Indonesia, regardless though, it'll be a very interesting trip if I could go back there. Ahh, I miss the Soto Madura haha.

The Matamata Turtle, in Spanish, it means "it kills, it kills."

I dont know much about this turtle but it's name is interesting. I wonder where I can find this though.

The Bear Family are also my favourite animal as well!

Whether it's the Gianda Panda, Polar Bear, Koala Bear... Erm.. Whatever the the group! Just look! It can even live in the Middle East! xD isnt it lovely?

I'm not forgetting our daily friends, such as dogs and cats, but there's also other animals out there that we have yet to see.

Animals or humans, they both cry, gets angry and they do feel joy.
Hopefully, we know how to treat them better in the future.

Talk about looks, it does look like a Baron or some sort~


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