09 Aug 15 - Finally, a new PC


He scolded her before they'd even met.
A story of why I should never start by texting on the first date.

For full story -> Link to MSN News


I had a vision of her again.
It's been 14 years yet those dreams are still with me.

So far on London...

This is my first entry for in like 15 days.
Generally speaking, my beloved 5 years old CPU finally gave in..

As a lab rat who works by dealing with all of these C13H18O2, C8H9NO2 and is in a development for a Nano-based drugs for our parent's companies, I didnt have much time to check the stuff myself.

It took the WBC a total of 14 days for a check up before I got fed up and took it home when they took off one of my 256mb RAMs (luckily, I had a 1GB of DDR1 inside) so it still works fine.

However, according to the WBC's Technician, nothing was wrong other than the RAM, but upon actual usage, it keeps hanging...

Obviously something was wrong.

Long story short, I got myself a new CPU, for a nearly a sum of twenty thousand anyways.
At least this should be able to support my activities for another 5 years..

ขอเตือนเรืองการบริการของ WBC ที่หาดใหญ่นะครับ ใช้ไม่คอยได้ น.วันที่เขียนนี่ครับ


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