09 Aug 02 - The King of Fighters XII & Eclipse


[Some people finds it unbelievable that I love fighting and action games.. What's wrong with that? I've seen tons of girls on first person shooting games slaughtering all the men in the match]

Anyone who knows me would know that it's hard to see me having free time to do a few "time-killing" errand.. (Even now, my desk is full of security papers, project work, patient's record, drug stock supplies, etc. etc.)

Though, that wasnt the case this time..
I've been waiting for this~

Bro bought it actually, but I guess he wouldnt mind.
(Calls up Phloy and Tira)
xD Forget all these papers and works, time to rumble~


Talk about the eclipse on my last post, I wanted to take a few nice shots from "my sky" in Hat Yai. I even take the effort to get up to the 11th floor just for this occassion..

But it was all cloudy and I can hardly see the sun... Sighhhh......

(If you've ever been to Thailand, you should find these for sale. These are the symbol of PAD. They clap, clap, clap till you finally gave in to the urge and got one for yourself.)

On political note: The Prime Minister of Thailand, Aphisit Vejajiwa is completely powerless... He got in a conflict with the Superitendent of the Police Department when the road-politic groups were forcing our Beloved Prime Minister to kick him off.

The problem was, the police couldnt find the assassin who tries to Shot Sonthi Limthongkun by means of assassinating him. It's a miracle that he survived though.


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