09 May 30 - Thailand's New Baby Panda

Referring to my old post:
The Birth of a Cute Panda (1)
The Birth of a Cute Panda (2)

About a few days ago, there was a huge fuzz in Thailand.

Remember the 2 Panda we have in the Chiang Mai Zoo?
You should watch this video if you've never seen it before.

Apparently, one of the 2 Panda the Chinese government had 'loaned' to us gave birth to a new panda cub.

From what I heard from the people in my field, we'd have to return this baby panda to the Chinese government on the next 2 years, but for now, we have to pay the Chinese an amount of $40,000 (or $400,000, I forgot the exact amount) under the legal contract.

Watch this video of the footage when Lin Hui gave birth to her new baby:



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