09 May 26 - Petronas & Yamaha - Racing

A few weeks ago, there was a joint effort between Malaysia's Petronas and Thailand's Yamaha to organize a motorcycle race in Hat Yai.

Although it was a big event, there lack advertising and press conference.

Anyways, the news came to me, and I decided to check it out (even though I have least interest in this)

So generally, Yamaha was performing a road-show of their latest models, while the Petronas was promoting their sponsorship and other products such as the infamous Petronas Oils. (I missed the stall for it.)

Regardless, there was a few steps to selecting the worthy racers.

Racers would have to pass these obstacles and turns around in a specific patterns.
It looks easy, but since you need to do this fast, I cant help but feel afraid that they could fall anytime.. Surprisingly, no accident happened. I guess they're all pros after all.

Looking at another area, we have our famous interviewer, Aom Karayawantana interviewing one of the Organizer from the Yamaha Corporation in Thailand.

It took long, for more than 20 minutes, they were standing there, talking on the camera.
Kinda funny watching night falls while they're there.

I continued to shop with my friend after taking all these pictures..
Do check back for updates!



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