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08 Mar 20 - In Memoir of Selya Angel

It's been 4 years since she passed away.
The sorrow remain unerased..
I can still feel the sadness in me.

Regardless, I've been mourning for her for 3 days already, and I guess Life still have to go on.
The living still have to move forward, she's watching me, watching her friends, and I'm sure by now she's alright.

I miss the old time before I started working, meeting friends, getting to know them, no serious business.. Life sure had changed. But the memory of you still remains.

This post, entirely is dedicated to Selya Angel, who died from blood cancer at the age of 16, 4 years ago. May she be in peace, and the memories remains in our heart forever.

I been in RO for a year.
I met a 16 yrs old blood cancer girl.
Remember the sweetness of training.
It was happy to meet new net friends.
Selya Angel would disappear every few days...
Later on I found out Yin Yu Yuan had silently go through painful laser treatment.
The good friends would gather and have all the fun...
This song dedicate to Selya Angel in heaven. We glad to have her as a good friend. We wish her happiness, her smile will always smilie upon us.
On March her condition was critical and send to hospital for emengency.
Mid March we got news from her...
She had passed away!
We Sobbed and cry our heart out.
She passed away before her birthday but we fulfill her wish - a Crown.
Her sis using her character open a chatroom which said: "Sis, wish you can see this."
Selya Angel, we shall remember you in our heart.


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