08 Dec 31 - The end of 08

The final day for the 08.
It's fast isnt it?

Time flies too fast when you are waiting, but when it comes to actual demonstration, it feels that I lack of time.

I posted about my Celebration Last Year

I still remember my resolution for the year, getting my first million.
A year had passed, an I accomplished a little around 20% of it, erm.. However, I'm sure that the lesson and experienced I learned this year would lift me up to my target next year!

It's 31st, and this is what I've been doing.

Working, yes, I'm still working as the boss forbids us to take a leave. This place, does not allows the employee to take a day off on public holidays, which violates the labor laws. But of course, since the big boss is a friend of my mom, it's more to a request, only in term of speaking.

Putting that aside.

We just celebrated it with a few friends outside, a little coffee here and there..

And finally, there's a gift from a special someone. :)

Thank you!!
God Bless and May Happiness be with us all!


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