08 Dec 05 - Long Live King Bhumibol Adulyadej!!

It's the King's Birthday today, and officially the National Day and the Father's Day for Thailand.

Although the King was too sick to give the annual speech, we all wishes for him to recover and have a healthy live to lead us out of this mess.

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CNN-King Bhumibol's Birthday


Thailand's ailing king on Thursday failed to deliver his traditional birthday speech, which many Thais had hoped would help resolve the country's political paralysis and unify a divided nation.

Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn went on national radio to inform Thais that King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who turns 81 on Friday, was unable to deliver the speech "because he was a little sick."

"The king has said to thank (you) for the wishes given out of loyalty. He wants to return the good wishes. He wants everyone to have strong mental and physical health to perform their duties for the public," said Vajiralongkorn, the king's son.

Many Thais were eagerly awaiting the king's speech, hoping to receive guidance on how Thailand, which is just recovering from a weeklong seizure of its two main airports by anti-government activists, can resolve its political crisis.


ขอจงทรงพระเจริญ! - Long Live the King!
ขอจงทรงพระเจริญ! - Long Live the King!
ขอจงทรงพระเจริญ! - Long Live the King!


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