08 Dec 10 -A Near-Flood in Hat Yai

I once blogged of the heavy rain last week.

An official announcement was made by the officials for the citizens of Hat Yai to immigrate to a higher area.

Mr. Phlay Pattano, the Mayor of Hat Yai had ordered to 'spill' the water dwelling in the Hat Yai rivers to the villages outside of Hat Yai.

It's good to the people in Hat Yai... because..

Boss was ready to close the pharmacy early, the employees took the trouble to empy all drugs near the 'floor' to prevent any damage to those drugs.

All other store owners outside were also ready to immigrate.

Around noon, it was decided that the pharmacy was closed early.

Upon my way home, I noticed that one of the road tunnels turned into a huge swimming pool..
There's even kids jumping from the other side of the road down into the pool.

Upon browsing around.. I thought I saw a dead body.. And he's been there for quite a while without moving.. Police was around the area, but none were approaching the man to recover the body and I wonders why.

And soon the man got up, before laying down.. (again)

My house was unaffected which was lucky for me.

I thanks the Mayor for the decision, even at the cost of flooding other areas... Somehow I feel bad about it.



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