08 Nov 28 - Hey, what's this?


The PAD is still blocking all of the international airports in Bangkok, stalling and rendering the air transport 'dead.'
Thousands of tourists are stuck in Thailand after their vacation and it severely affects the Kingdom's image in a negative way.
Thai's commerce is dead and will be long dead.


An old friend who's still in Penang, contacted me during his trip to Hat Yai a few days ago.
Well, he told me to add him in Friendster and provides me with a few way to access into his Photos, which would include the pictures of his class.

This was taken last year, at the last year of his high school. Without a doubt, I notice 3 very familiar faces (they doesnt change), and another 2 familiar girls but I wasnt too sure if my guess was right.

I've never been to the classroom, but I can guess that the classroom's located in either the 2nd or 3rd floor of the building.

And another pic where I remember those 2 familiar faces. Blind guess, I remember that very familiar stairs that I passed to every week.

And this is a picture taken during the dinner to celebrate for graduating from the high schools.

There, we notice another 3 familiar faces, and I cant stop laughing when I see the person sitting in the middle. He reminds me of a Chinese Superstar in the TV.

Lam said I've changed quite a lot, far different than how I looks like 8 years ago.
Well, what can I say? Gotta agree I've changed quite a lot and hardly few can reconize me now, it's not that bad though, but I'm still discontent at this of me yet.

It's a wonderful meeting with an old friend and there was an offer for me to work in Penang.

Now I cant really make up my mind haha.


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