08 Nov 24 - Hat Yai Vegetarian's Festival


I'm not that old.. but it still catches my attention what-so-ever, so take a look.
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I posted of the Vegetarian's event in Hat Yai last Year as well.

This year, I could take a look at the event in a close-up and the backstage as a friend of mine from the PSU was also an organizer.

Last month, in Hat Yai, there was a celebration related to the Vegetarian's Week, where each participants is required to eat vegetables and wear white clothes for the week.

The event is quite similar to cleansing one's self from sins, sparing the life of thousands of chickens (or pigs) that we eat daily.

Just click on the picture for a larger version, where you can see that these guys are seriously piercing it across.

The man is performing a dance, and you notice Pheng in the left side of the photo. He was the 'lead' for the man together with 7 other members from the Waad Khong Liang Temple.

There's also an international participant here, according to a friend who was also in the organizer's comittee, he's a Malaysian, but I couldnt remember his name.

A seriously long caravan, and traffic was jammed due to the caravan.

One of the Shopping Malls in the area organizes a Chinese Table for the executives to ask for blessings by drinking those teas.

There's also a respectable monk giving out holy waters to the people. Believe or not, you gotta ask for one too.

And finally, the climax of the event was the celebration in front of Lee Garden, where thousands of people was watching it, whether from the Central Shopping Mall, the Hotel or the area nearby.

If you miss this year's festival, might want to check it out next year. :)


just apple said…
omg i always wonder how could they do it..zzz

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