08 Nov 12 - Loy Loy Krathong

Both pictures are from my trip to the PSU in Hat Yai last year.

The Post is here: 07-Nov-27 Roy Krakthong Festival

How disappointing, I realized that I forgotten both my Camera and my Handphone on the way to Hat Yai's Public Garden.
Well, I couldnt say much as it was my fault to be rushing to the Public Garden after being late for chatting in the Kenny's Cbox.

We meet up with Phong, Tira, Khon and a few other Doctors, Pharmacists and the seniors before getting up for some investment related talks.

Actually, we did another thing that my boss recently recommended me to.

Four of us who were investors and was directly involved in the BLISS-TEL punting last year, wrote up the word "BLISS" in a piece of paper and together with the paper, we put in a 10 baht coin into the Krathong before setting them to sail.

It was just an hour meeting as the weather seems to be upset all the night.

Let us hope that the Krathong will sail toward it's destination and allows us to be free.

PS: I found this song perfect for our Loy Krathong mood, and oh, it's another one by ハツネ ミク。

Hope you enjoyed it, love you guys and girls, and thanks Yui and Tira for the flowers today.


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