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How many of you actually things that Obama deserves the right to keep his BlackBerry?
Why not? It's a tool that could help him govern the States better, dont you think so?
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So to start.
No names, so I'll state the people involved here as L, S, M, B and F.

L (Female) is a the girlfriend of M (Male), both was separated in an inevitable event and both was never given a chance to know of where each other were.
L Misses M to her heart's content and wishes to see M, but she doesnt know where to begin the search.
B heard of it, and told L that he knows where M is, and volunteers to bring her to M for a price.
However, the price is far too much for L to afford.
L met S who soon offered to pay for the fees required to pay B in exchange for L's virginity.
L accepted the offer from S just for the sake of finding M.
F is a friend of M heard of what happened, and informed M of the truth.
Upon their meeting, the furious M broke his relation with L.
Conclusion: L was hurt most, to lose her virginity and her boyfriend.

What I wanted to ask was.
Who is to blame the most and who is the less to blame?
If you still havent given it a thought, please re-read before sharing up your thought. :)

Now to ease the curiosity, just click and read what I've posted in my comment box.

What is your answer?


Seizhin said…
The person whom you blamed most would reveal of what you consider less important.
While the person whom you blamed the least would be of what you consider more important.

L - Love
S - Sex
M - Morality
B - Business
F - Friendhip
Wen Pink said…
Hmmm.. very nice post!

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