08 June 18 - Fruit Tree of Woman?

Kact recently introduced me to this drama, and I've been recently addicted to ハゲタカ (Hagetaka) - The Vulture .
Watching it really reminds me of what both Shen and Kact's father are now, 'successful businessmen'.

I dont remember much details, but I received this from a friend in the Isaan region and he showed me a picture of what the people there had been worshiping.

Judge it for yourself.

It's actually a tree bearing the fruits of a 'woman.'

Now well, if someone had any info on this, I'd really appreciate all helps and infos, as I dont wish to spend time driving to Isaan just for a photoshopped images.



TNH said…
Wow..is that fruit real..just can't believe that fruit in a women shape do exist..nice post
JEAN LE said…
this is kinda freaky.. haha..

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