08 June 02 - The Situation after the Cyclone Nargis hits Myanmar

We're done about the Earthquake in China, and now let's head to Myanmar.

Thailand was allowed to dispatch their rescue force into Myanmar to help the civilians there, however, to their surprise, the situation there was far worse than what the government had announced.

And these are the official pictures from the rescue team who had just returned from their trip.

I've received a total of 47 pictures, but I decided to post just 9 of them so that the pictures wont overload your internet windows.

(Update on this picture)

I've received info regarding this picture, and it appears that the picture does NOT belong to the Cyclone Nargis's effect but rather, to the Tsunami in India that happened years ago.

(** currykutu: i found the pic 5.jpg is belonging to india's tusnami instead of cyclone in Mymmar. pls take note. i got the album from india's tsunami.. **)

I've picked 9 out of the 47 pictures that I received and it appears that one of the pictures that I picked was a mistake and has nothing to do with Cyclone Nargis.
Thank you currymutu for pointing that out and I apologize for all inconvenience.

Edited on 08 June 05


Unknown said…
dats a veli cruel disaster
Unknown said…
so sorry about that. where u get the pictures...

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