08 June 07 - Wrong sent - Siang Pure Oils

(The infamous no-profit Siang Pure Oil)

Just a very short entry as it's 11.43pm now and I had work tomorrow morning.

Several days ago, our Boss was greatly shocked at what was deployed by the Bertram Chemical.

Obviously he did not order them, but it seems that there was an error in the transportation (or accounting) division, and our pharmacy was printed as the "destination."
In conclusion, this was a wrong sent.

About 60 Crates of Siang Pure Oils 25c.c. (12 Dozens each), worth more than half a million baht in total.

Now seriously, these things are about 4 baht (or 40cents) profit per dozen (960 baht per dozen), and who would deploy 60 creates of them when obviously you have to pay them cash immediately when the officer of the company come to your pharmacy?

What to do now?
We're in a half a million debt which must be paid soon~


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