08 Feb 28 - Thaksin Stepped Foot in His Homeland

I live in Southern Thailand, the Land famous to be under the rule of the opposition party, Democrat; well known to oppose the previous and the current government.

The current government, has always been known to be a puppet under Thaksin Shinawatra's control, and has received numerous of election charges from the Democrat.

2 Years ago, while Thaksin was on a meeting in the United States of America, Sonthik Boonyaratkarin had led the army to commit a coup d'etat to overthrow the Thai Rak Thai and sent Thaksin in exile.

Now back to the special event today.

After 17 months of exile, Thaksin finally came back to Thailand.
The worst thing that came to my mind is, the timing of his return.

I would like to stay un-biased for a moment, and share the moment of his return.

First, when you really love your homeland, the first thing you'll do is 'kiss your homeland.'
And if you are sincere about it, you'll do it right after you set foot on your homeland, not when the press are there.

Obviously, Thaksin isnt an idiot, and he knows how to plan, so he demonstrated his love for his homeland, by bowing to the homeland in front of the press.

Brilliant move, Ex-PM!

This picture was the 'best picture of the day' and possibly, will last for several days.
We'll see how he will face his charges for corruptions now.

According to what I've heard, he started taking action disposing all who opossed him.

I held no personal grudge against him, nor do I have anything against him. I wouldnt want to say much, as some people will take my words personally.

Enough talk about the Ex-Prime Minister.

Now what with the current government backing Thaksin up, what will the Anti-Thaksin Coalition do?

The current government, led by Samak Shundoraweet.

Obviously, Thaksin isnt gonna let these people go, especially this guy.

Sondhi Limthongkul, one of the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD)'s leader.

He was one of the people who supported Thaksin during Thaksin's era, but he soon goes bankrupt and requested Thaksin to help him to maintain his business.
Thaksin refused, and he was angered by that, thus led him to led the PAD to destroy Thaksin.

He faced a major charge for illegal use of the King's Seal for personal gain.

One of a PAD mover, bearing the logo "We would fight for the King!"

So now, Thaksin would have to face against 3 opponents, the PAD, the opposition party and the military junta.

And it's a wonder how the current Prime Minister, who is supposed to be a puppet, would act now.

All and all, any problem in the politic would lead to a gain/loss for the citizens.

May God Bless Thailand and restore peace for the country.


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