08 Feb 13 - Chicken for Chinese New Year anyone?

Talk about Chinese New Years, there'll be lots and lots of Oranges.

You'll be receiving or giving it for present, but my boss receives something that I never thought one would gave him.

After the plastic bag was placed. something came up..

"Where am I?"

"Help me!!"

I pity the poor thing, but what can I do?
Soon the poor thing was nicely packed in a box, complete with a 'window' for it to breathe.
The chicken was scheduled to be taken back home and slaughtered to be their dinner.

"Can somebody hear me?!"

Luckily, good news said that my boss wasnt in the mood to do those as it's too much hassle, thus the chicken was given to another co-worker for him to release it in an open environment.

It should be safe and sound, I suppose.

Talk about you, what did you get for your Chinese New Year?


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